Our loft

The foundations of our loft

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It makes a long time that I haven't writen about our loft conversion. So here is the following of our loft story.


After the demolition of the roof structure of our workshop (it was in October 2010) the construction company dug in order to create the foundations (it was in November 2010).

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It was a little bit than two years ago. The roof structure of our workshop was in a very poor conditions so we had better to demolish and totaly rebuild it. Here are two pictures of our workshop during the demolition...

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The floor plans of our loft

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Here are the floor plans of our 1830 square feet loft (it makes a lot more in square feet than in square meters... Whaou!).

The first floor, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a garage, a big living open space, a parental room (with dressing and showerroom), a patio.
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Here are some more pictures of our loft when we first disvovered it in april 2009. It is a rectangle of 2150 square feet (65 feet x 33 feet). The joiner's workshop was really in poor conditions : the floor was a plain dirt floor and the roof needed to be totaly renovated...

We came back with a construction company to have a first idea of the cost of the renovation and we have done it again with a second construction company to confirm the budget and we decided to purchased the workshop (we were still in april 2009).

We signed at the real estate agency with the condition that if we do not get the building permit from the city we could cancel the transaction (it is very important to have such a condition with that kind of project otherwise if you purchase a surface and are not allowed to make a loft conversion... you are in a very bad situation...).

loft before the conversion
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Our Loft #1

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Our Loft... It is the name of our blog about loft in french : Notre Loft. We began to look for a place to do a loft conversion in 2007 and at the same time we created Notre Loft in order to share our story and our passion for lofts...

It tooks us 2 years befor we found the right place. In april 2009, we visited this old joiner's workshop.

joiner workshop

And we fall in love again... To be continued...