Loft conversion

A lengthy loft in Angers, France

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The architect Catherine Leman brilliantly won her bet to transform a former hangar less than 6 meters wide and 27 meters long into a 190 m² loft in Angers, France. Though the length of the building presented the first challenge, the building itself was constructed on sloped ground, which is why the ground floor only houses the garage, a game room and technical space, and the living spaces are all located on the next floor, which opens onto a patio. The patio divides the loft in half. On one side above the garage there is the living room which sprawls across the entire space, and on the other side there are the bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a closet and a bathroom which are half-buried, and two children’s rooms with their bathroom on the second floor.

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Ice House Lofts in Tucson, Arizona

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The former Arizona Ice and Cold Storage Company building in Tucson (Arizona) closed its doors in 2002... and in 2005 the industrial building has been converted into 51 lofts.

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Fish-farm pumping station converted into loft

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This fish-farm pumping station was built in the 80s on an artificial island in Latvia. Between 2007 and 2010 it has been beautifully converted by Zaigas Gailes Birojs into a 514.2 sq.m. loft.

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Loft conversion in London by William Tozer

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London based architect William Tozer has created a loft in an old factory in London. The beautiful concrete ceilings worn by time were kept intact. The concrete used everywhere now shares space with wooden floors, paneled walls and white walls. The loft's terrace offers a stunning views of London !

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Loft in Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower

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The french newspaper Le Monde published an article yesterday about the architect Monica Donati who has converted a clock tower of the seventh arrondissement of Paris into a quadruplex loft of 20 meters high and 100 square meters. Enjoy the view on the Eiffel Tower !

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YMCA LOFT in Chelsea

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Let's go back to New York (Chelsea) to meet an old YMCA converted into a luxurious loft of 8000 square feet.

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Two shipping containers in a San Francisco loft

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In 2007 Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan purchased a 3,200-square- foot former laundry and tooth-powder factory in order to make a loft conversion. They wanted to keep the space open as much as possible (they sleeping room is the only room that is seperated from the rest of the loft). They wanted to create a home office and a guest bedroom without cluttering the space... So they decided to use two shipping containers ! What a crazy fabulous idea !

Two shipping containers in a loft on San Francisco
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