Franklin street loft in Brooklyn

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The loft of Alan and Gil in Brooklyn

After the North of France with the loft conversion of an old factory in Roubaix, follow me in New York City, in the borough of Brooklyn in order to visit the loft of Alan and Gil on Franklin street.

Franklin street loft in Brooklyn

Alan and Gil found the loft in very poor condition about 14 months ago. The space used to contain a box factory and the box factory still operates across the hall way. It was entirely Gil idea to start leasing the space but Alan was easily convinced because of the price and size. it is 1400 square feet with 13' ceilings. They knew they would use the space for other than just living. Plus it was an upgrade to they previous loft in Williamsburg, only 800 square feet and twice the money per square foot ! Alan and Gil are architects and planned out very tiny rooms, only 10 feet x 10 feet because they knew they would spend very little time in there. As they were planning the space they quickly realized two of the rooms would be without windows but luckily they are on the top floor and installed operable skylights instead. They were going for a very clean looking renovation while keeping the shell super rough. The renovations included refinishing the floors, installing a new Ikea kitchen and adding some storage space and lighting. Gil had set up his office there for a while, before moving to a real office space in downtown Brooklyn.

loft conversion

Alan sometimes rebuild vintage bicycles. So the space has a multi function aspect to it and thats how they built it. There are many similar units in the building. It is quite large and takes up a half city block.

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  1. Verushka


    Great post, and so inspiring! I cannot but ask if there are additional units in that building for sale, do you happen to know?


  2. Kyle Ginzburg


    Hey. I was curious as to whether you had the contact information for the owners of this space. I love the look of it and am interested in shooting something there. Please let me know. Thanks!



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