A lengthy loft in Angers, France

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The architect Catherine Leman brilliantly won her bet to transform a former hangar less than 6 meters wide and 27 meters long into a 190 m² loft in Angers, France. Though the length of the building presented the first challenge, the building itself was constructed on sloped ground, which is why the ground floor only houses the garage, a game room and technical space, and the living spaces are all located on the next floor, which opens onto a patio. The patio divides the loft in half. On one side above the garage there is the living room which sprawls across the entire space, and on the other side there are the bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a closet and a bathroom which are half-buried, and two children’s rooms with their bathroom on the second floor.

Town: Angers, France
Finished construction: 2011
Architect: Catherine Leman
Photos: Aude Gravis, Catherine Leman

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